When delivering flowers to hospital please note the following:

Hospitals do not have vases. nor do nurses have time to place flowers in the vase, therefore it is best to send a arrangement to hospitals.

Provide the following information:

Legal name of person

Ensure they can receive flowers (in some cases a patient is in intensive or emergency care and cannot receive)

See below for hospital phone numbers and address

St Boniface General Hospital     (204) 233-8563
409 Tache Ave
Winnipeg, MB. R2H 2A6

Seven Oaks General Hospital     (204) 632-7133
2300 Mcphillips St
Winnipeg, MB. R2V 3M3

Health Science Centre               (204) 787-3661
820 Sherbrook St
Winnipeg, MB. R3A 1R9

Grace General Hospital              (204) 837-8311
300 Booth Dr
Winnipeg, MB. R3J 3M7

Concordia Hospital                    (204) 667-1560
1095 Concordia Ave
Winnipeg, MB. R2K 3S8

Victoria General Hospital           (204)-477-3377
2340 Pembina Hwy,
Winnipeg, MB. R3T 2E8